Weekly Program


  1. Youth aged 6 - 17 years
  2. Independence Building
  3. Group Setting


About the program

This core program has been at the heart of FACE’s programming since 2007. For 2 sessions weekly, kids come together to work on their individual goals in a group setting. The camaraderie encourages each to do more and they nudge each other while working on their individual goals. The social settings mean they learn how to adapt their skills in various conditions.

Our Services Offered:

  • development of behavioural and social skills
  • age appropriate activities to improve cognitive function and concentration
  • arts and crafts, music
  • life skills and self-care learning including eating, dressing, and speech progress
  • improvement of communication skills, mobility and coordination

Want to Help Out?

FACE is currently fundraising to supply the participants with staff, materials and funding to participate in community events. The planning and execution of trips and activities is the focus of building self-esteem and independence in the community for our Young Adult participants. If you know of anyone willing to help out as volunteers, or with a donation of event tickets, or even a cash sponsorship, FACE would be pleased to promote this partnership on our website, Facebook page and on our Program Brochures.