Andrea Hargitai

Name: Andrea Hargitai
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Job: Conductive Education Conductor
Interest: Helping kids develop














Abigail Aldridge

Name: Abigail Aldridge
Hometown: Buckinghamshire, England
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Job: Conductive Education Conductor
Interest: Helping people move to their full potential



Leila Gilani

Name: Leila Gilani
Hometown: Lahijan, Iran
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Job: Occupational Therapist, Conductive Education Conductor
Interest: Helping people to promote independence in daily routine, self-care, and socialization





About Me:

I am the Conductor, working with people with motor disorders. Initially I lived my life inspired to be a pastry chef and trained, and worked on a catering business. One day I felt a strong desire to change my direction and became connected with the Peto Andras Institute. The day I stepped into a group of CP children changed my life.

I trained at the Peto Andras Institute for Conductive Education of the Motor Disabled & Conductors College, Budapest, Hungary. After 4 years of training, I became an elementary school teacher and Conductor.

My first Conductor position called me to Ontario, Canada. I fell in love with the nature and cosmopolitan lifestyle of this unique country. I spent a couple of years in Ontario and abroad in Sweden, Kuwait and Hungary, before F.A.C.E. offered a challenging project in Calgary, AB. I was ready to do something new and exciting and put myself into the deep water.

Our program is growing and getting stronger year by year and personally seeing the improvement of our kids and the way the conductive education effects each family, melts my heart and makes me a more determined person to achieve our goals.

I truly believe that all people with CP have potential. I believe in the power of teaching conductive education and I hope to continue to teach in a challenging and engaging manner.


“We teach and educate the integrating mind which has to lead to every action. It is not a treatment - we teach. The person learns how to live, not just move or function but to solve problems. There is a Chinese proverb: if you give a hungry man a fish then you will feed him today, but if you teach him how to fish then he will feed himself and his family for always. Our aim is not to teach functions, muscle movements, but to educate how to live, to solve problems.” Dr. Maria Hari, Peto Institute




About Me:

Abigail has been working within the special needs sector for over 14 years, and has worked as a qualified conductor in England, Ireland, Mauritius and Canada. She has experience ranging with many forms of neurological conditions in adults and children, and has travelled the world volunteering her services in countries such as Uganda, Vietnam and India. Abigail graduated with her BA (Hons) in Conductive Education from the National Institute of Conductive Education in the UK.

With a background of providing recreation services in movement based programming Abigail strives to deliver fun yet challenging classes , and aims to educate her participants and families about movement anatomy, and provide the tools to help motivate the individual to achieve their goals. Abigail continues to update her training and knowledge through self learning, ongoing courses and conferences.








About Me:

Leila Has been working as an Occupational Therapist and Conductive Education Conductor for 12 years in clinics, homes, and schools.

Leila has extensive experience with infants, preschoolers and young children who have sensory/motor issues, developmental delays, Neurological impairments, coordinating disorders, fine motor, and hand writing difficulties.

A positive and compassion individual, Leila values the importance of establishing a trusting relationship with the children and families with whom she works. Leila has received her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the university of Tehran, Iran (2004). She graduated from the Dr Andras Peto Institute with certificate in Conductive Education in Hungary, Budapest (2006).

Leila enjoys going to the beach with her family, reading, running, and working with children.