Families of Alberta for Conductive Education

Ongoing Registrations are being accepted for Weekly and Young Adult Programs

Contact our Head Conductor Andrea for more information and to arrange for an interview with the Conductors. Also visit our RAD! YAD page for more information on all the exciting inititives happening at FACE.

Please consider joining these engaging programs that seek to progress independence in everyday activities.

The Story of Conductive Education

Conductive Education began with the revolutionary belief that children with cerebral palsy can learn new skills. This doesn’t sound very revolutionary in the western world at the current time, but in the 1940’s in Hungary it was a new way of thinking. It made Dr. Andras Peto the “Mother Teresa” of children with neuromotor disabilities and a leader in this field. Especially he believed that children affected by these conditions could learn movement and coordination as well as problem solving. He held a special compassion for the children that he worked with, seeing them as a whole person to be healed, not a series of medical problems to be cured. Through his programming, Dr. Peto witnessed these children developing a sense of empowerment, belonging and worth.

Dr. Peto believed so firmly in what could be done for these children, or rather what they could for themselves, that he devoted the balance of his medical career to the development of the Conductive Education program. To this day his legacy lives on through the Peto Institute in Budapest, which continues to offer Conductive Education programming and to train conductors in his pedagogy.

Despite his success, Dr. Peto and Conductive Education remained in relative obscurity outside of Hungary until two documentaries about the program circulated in the mid-1980’s. One was entitled “Standing Up for Joe” and the other was called “To Hungary with Love”.

Since that time, Conductive Education has been adopted around the world. It has expanded beyond an approach exclusively for children with CP and is now used for children with other conditions such as spina bifida as well adults with conditions such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Hope allows us to move forward. Hope is what FACE offers families of children with Cerebral Palsy.




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Programs We Offer

  1. Weekly Program
  2. Small Group Activities
  3. RAD!cal Young ADults
  4. Summer Camp

About the Programs

Each child has individualized goals based upon needs identified by the family and by the child where appropriate. However, all goals are built upon the intrinsic goal of the program, which is increasing independence.

The Weekly Program, provides group sessions and opportunity for participants to focus on their particular needs. General goals such as flexibility and strength are common for the group.

For Small Group Activities, having SGA in addition to Saturday Programming allows the Conductor to respond to the progress the child makes and adjust the strategies or goals in a timely manner. The Conductor can also adjust the strategies if, after a period of time, they are not effective or the child reaches a plateau in their development.

The RAD!cal Young Adults is a recent addition in response to growing demand. The sessions allow for independent planning and execution of events and outings which builds self-reliance and independence.

All children enjoy Summer Camp! This specialized summer camp for either one or two weeks provides an opportunity to combat summer regression as well as maintain or increase social interactions and recreation.